Integrated Bitbucket Test
Management with Testmo

Effective test automation reporting from your Bitbucket pipelines for rich QA metrics & full Jira integration. Visualize, optimize and track test automation results with Testmo unified test management.

Bitbucket test management
Reporting Bitbucket results
Bitbucket test management
Easily submit test results directly from your Bitbucket CI pipelines. Any test automation tool & framework supported.
#1 Jira QA integration
Benefit from Testmo's #1 Jira integration to link, push, look up and view issues. Best-in-class two-way test management integration.
More than test automation
Full support for test case management, exploratory sessions & automated testing in one powerful platform.
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Learn how it works:
Bitbucket reporting with Testmo

Send your test automation results directly from your Bitbucket CI pipeline to visualize and track your test suites in Testmo. Benefit from built-in support for advanced workflows such as parallel testing & multiple test steps.
Bitbucket test reporting how-to

Any tool. Any language. Any platform.

Testmo's powerful & cross-platform CLI tool makes it easy to report all your test automation suites from Bitbucket, including frontend, backend, mobile, browser and unit tests. Any language and any test automation tool supported.
Test automation CI DevOps run list

Plus #1 Jira test management

Also using Atlassian Jira to track issues together with Bitbucket? Benefit from Testmo's best-in-class Jira test management integration to link, push and report issues. Or integrate GitHub, GitLab & more.
Jira issues linked to test cases

Build better and more robust test suites
with Bitbucket and Testmo

Identify issues in your test automation suites and integrate Bitbucket with Testmo for a full QA & DevOps workflow. Improve test performance, fix flaky tests and track failures with actionable QA reports.
Test automation run

Faster test automation runs

Track & report test run performance to improve and speed up your Bitbucket test steps.
Bitbucket automation performance

Find & fix test issues

Quickly notice failures, flaky tests and slow runs to optimize your pipelines with Testmo.
Flaky test report

Bitbucket test management &
automation reporting with Testmo

Send all your test automation results directly from your Bitbucket CI pipelines to track, analyze and manage your test suites. Easily integrate your test steps with Testmo's open & cross-platform CLI tool. Any test automation tool, framework and platform supported, including advanced workflows such as parallel test steps.

Also using Atlassian Jira together with Bitbucket? Testmo's #1 Jira integration makes it easy to link, push & look up issues and view referenced test results inside Jira. Benefit from our full Jira two-way integration plus support for GitHub, GitLab & more. Implement your QA & DevOps workflow today and get started with Testmo unified test management!

Best-in-class automation, manual QA,
CI pipeline integration & more

Benefit from Testmo's unified test management to track automated tests, manual QA & exploratory testing sessions in one powerful platform. Plus best-in-class Jira integration for a complete DevOps workflow.
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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