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Unified QA Testing

Best-in-class Jira, issue, CI & DevOps integration

Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines

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Rich metrics & actionable reports to track and improve your software testing efforts.
Reporting & metrics
Your testing projects and milestones in a single place, integrated with your dev tools.
Projects & milestones
Highly optimized to improve your team's productivity with our fast UI & power-ups.
QA team productivity
Full integration with your CI/CD pipeline & DevOps to report test automation.
CI pipelines & DevOps
Best-in-class integration with Jira, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins and many more.
App integrations
Ready for your IT needs with powerful user management, enterprise cloud & reliability.
Enterprise QA software testing

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