Full QA DevOps Integration With
Your CI/CD Pipelines

Easily integrate and report test automation from your CI/CD pipelines, DevOps workflow and build systems. Works with any cloud platform, self-hosted systems, custom tools and local servers.

Test automation CI DevOps run list

Easily report test results from your CI pipeline

Submit tests and results from your pipelines or build scripts by using Testmo's powerful cross platform and open CLI tool. Includes support for advanced workflows such as parallel CI steps and test automation execution.
Test automation and DevOps CI/CD pipeline

Powerful CLI tool

Flexible command line tool to submit test results. Works on any platform.
Submit test automation runs

Parallel execution

Supports single or parallel test execution with advanced CI pipelines.
Parallel test automation execution

Link context details

Easily track test output, execution time, custom fields & artifacts.
Test result context details
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Any tool. Any language. Any platform.

Testmo's open CLI tool works on any platform and and uses standard NPM packages for ease of deployment and integration. Comes with full support for advanced features such as parallel execution, artifacts and custom fields.
Test automation command line

Test management with CI/CD DevOps support

Make your test automation investment more visible by integrating Testmo with your CI/CD DevOps workflow and pipelines. Start tracking and reporting your tests directly from your existing tools and systems. Testmo's open CLI tool makes it easy to collect your test results on any platform and has been designed to be easily deployed in any environment.

Testmo also comes with support for advanced CI/CD DevOps test management workflows such as parallel test execution, recording custom fields and linking build artifacts. Fast integration with any platform, including GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Bitbucket, Jenkins, CircleCI and more.

Rich test automation integration & reporting

Easily track, review and analyze your test automation results with actionable metrics and reports. Testmo helps you build better, faster & more robust automation suites. Learn more
Test automation integration
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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