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Testmo pricing

Affordable Pricing & Plans
for Teams of All Sizes

  • For teams with up to 10 users
  • Full-featured test case management, exploratory testing & automation
  • Integration with Jira, GitHub, GitLab, CI, automation & more
10 users included
Most popular

Everything in Team, plus:

  • 100 users included in base price, plus more as needed
  • Unlimited API users
  • Optional add-on for unlimited viewer users
per 100 users

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Two-factor auth & enforcement
  • SSO with Google, Microsoft, Okta, OneLogin, SAML & more
  • Complete user audit log
  • Enterprise SLA & support
per 100 users
Optional add-on: unlimited viewer users for a low, fixed price
+ $299/month
Optional add-on: unlimited viewer users for a low, fixed price
+ $499/month
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Frequent billing & pricing questions

How can I subscribe to Testmo?

You can simply start your subscription from your trial account under Admin → Subscription. If you don't have a trial account yet, you can start a trial.

What payment options do you support?
For monthly billing we support automatic payments by credit card. We accept all major cards. For annual/yearly billing we support prepaying by credit card, wire transfer and check (just contact us for an annual billing quote). Learn more
Can I get a quote for Testmo?
Yes, we are happy to provide a quote for annual/yearly billing. You can simply contact us to get started.
What about the full price list (USD & EUR)?
Sure, we also have a full price list with all user tier pricing listed for you, so it's easy to compare Testmo's pricing.
Do you offer any additional discounts?
Testmo is very competitively priced and we prefer to offer the same low price to all customers. So we do not offer any discounts in addition to our affordable pricing plans.
I would like to send a purchase order (PO)
Sure, we are happy to accept a purchase order (PO) for annual subscriptions. You can simply contact us to send us the PO by email. If you are unsure about the details, please email us to request a quote first.
Can I still change plans when I prepay?
Yes, even with annual billing we deduct the subscription fee based on your usage from your prepaid balance every month. So you can change your plan and number of users every month. When your balance is used up, we will email you for the renewal. Learn more
Do you offer an on-premise server edition?
Similar to other major modern services, Testmo is a cloud web application. This way we can better optimize the performance, security, scalability and user experience. We do not offer an on-premise server edition at this time.
How are users/seats counted?
All users marked as activated under Admin → Users are counted towards the subscription. You can deactivate and activate users as needed and monthly billing is automatically adjusted. Learn more
All our products and services are targeted at business customers.
Additional taxes and charges such as VAT may apply. All listed prices are net prices.

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