Enterprise-ready IT Cloud,
Authentication & Scalability

Testmo was designed to meet enterprise IT needs and features powerful user management, flexible authentication integration, best-in-class scalability and our modern & secure cloud platform.

Enterprise QA software testing
Testing QA user management
Redundant cloud
Our cloud infrastructure is designed to be redundant and highly resilient to outages to achieve high uptimes.
Tenant isolation
Unique to Testmo, every customer has its own isolated database, resulting in better performance and security.
24/7 active monitoring
All of our critical cloud infrastructure is actively monitored by our own in-house team around the clock.
Enterprise-ready security
Advanced security options and authentication integrations to meet enterprise IT needs.
World-class infrastructure
Testmo cloud uses data centers and systems by leading cloud providers such as Amazon AWS.
Privacy compliant
Designed from the beginning with privacy regulations in mind, Testmo makes it easy to be compliant.
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Powerful user management, roles & permissions

Efficient user management to quickly onboard your teams to Testmo. Fine-grained permissions, roles & user groups, project-level access – Testmo provides everything you need to manage and scale enterprise test management.

Roles & permissions

Freely customize user access, feature permissions, groups and roles.
Customize roles and permissions

Project-level access

Custom project-level access to protect teams and to fine-tune user permissions.
Project-level access

Bulk add & import

Effective user management with bulk add and flexible user import.
Bulk add and import users

Invitations & self-service

Optional invitations and self-service options for more productive user management.
User invitations and self-service

Extra options to scale & save

We designed our subscription plans and user management to scale for teams of all sizes. This makes it easy and affordable to allow all users in your organization to access and benefit from Testmo.
Regular users
Only users marked as activated are counted towards your subscription, making it very easy and flexible to change users as needed at any time.
API users
Included in Business & Enterprise plans, use unlimited extra API users to integrate CI & automation. Add machine accounts without using up regular user seats.
Testmo supports two additional administration levels: Project Admins and Site Admins. Perfect for IT teams managing vendor accounts while still allowing teams to set up and configure projects.
Scaling test management users

Enterprise-ready: making it easy for
your IT to implement Testmo

Your IT team works hard to keep your enterprise services safe & secure. We provide the tools and features to make it easy for your IT team to adopt Testmo and to stay compliant with your in-house standards.

Secure integrations

Secure integrations with popular tools such as Jira, GitHub, Azure, Active Directory & more.
Secure test management integration

Site & project admins

Separate admin levels allow teams to manage their own projects while IT remains in control.
Site and project admins

Password policy

Use Testmo's default password policy or customize it to your own standard.
Password policy

Open data exports

Download JSON exports of your data. Custom reports, database imports, integrations.
Testmo data exports
Enterprise edition

Audit log & review

Optional detailed audit logs to keep track of user actions and to stay compliant.
Test management audit log
Enterprise edition

Two-factor auth

Full support for two-factor authentication (TOTP), including enforcing 2FA.
Two-factor authentication
Enterprise edition

External login methods

External logins with Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and more.
External login methods
Enterprise edition

Custom SAML logins

Integrate identity management with SAML, including automatic user provisioning.
SAML login integration
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines

Testmo cloud security & infrastructure

We publish additional information about the Testmo cloud infrastructure, our providers, important application security features and our security incident response program in our security center.
Security FAQ & benefits
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