Modern Test
Management Software

Designed from the ground-up for modern software teams, Testmo is the only next-gen test management tool that combines test cases, test automation & exploratory testing. Coming in 2021.

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Testmo test management software

The most productive test case management available, fully integrated.

Highly scalable, fast and customizable, Testmo ensures your team is productive from day one. Easily adjust every aspect of Testmo’s test case repository and track your results.
Test case management and test runs

All your test automation results in a central place, regardless of the tools you use.

With Testmo’s zero configuration integration, start sending your results in minutes. Fully integrate with your CI and deployment pipeline to track and report all your builds and test automation runs in Testmo.
Test automation runs and results

Only available in Testmo, exploratory testing and test sessions as first-class features.

Manage all your ad-hoc tests and sessions alongside test cases and automation for a complete picture of your software tests. As your team is expected to produce results faster, Testmo helps you deliver.
Exploratory testing and test sessions

Why test management for modern software teams?

Modern software teams are expected to use a variety of practices, tools and systems to develop and ship software to users. Continuous development and deployment, extensive automated testing, distributed teams, instant updates & fixes: software development is getting more complex as organizations & users expect more.

Testmo test management software is your team's central hub of all QA and testing efforts. Test management is more than just test cases: Testmo fully integrates your test automation results and comes with exploratory testing as first-class feature. Easily link your existing tools and systems to stay on top of all quality issues!

Integrates with all popular tools your team uses

Test automation · Version control · CI & Build pipeline · Issue tracking

More than just test results. Testmo is the complete tool for your test management.

Case repository
Fully customizable test case repositories for your software projects.
Test runs
Scalable test runs and result tracking with super fast user experience.
Exploratory sessions
Quickly add and manage your team’s ad-hoc tests and sessions.
Project milestones
Keep track of your project’s milestones and goals at a glance.
Automation jobs
Schedule, launch and manage test automation runs and view CI builds.
Rich reporting
Generate reports to share with your dev team, management and clients.
Resource tracking
Help your team manage their resources with todos, assignments & docs.
Security & cloud
Enterprise-grade security with 2-factor auth, single sign-on & SAML.