Modern Sauce Labs Test
Management with Testmo

Sauce Labs test management, reporting & metrics with Testmo, the #1 unified testing tool for any platform. Submit your Selenium & Sauce Labs results to Testmo, track your test suites and improve test performance.

SauceLabs test management
Sauce Labs reporting & metrics
Quickly report your Sauce Labs & Selenium test results with Testmo's powerful CLI tool: any CI platform supported.
Analyze, track & improve
Optimize your frontend and mobile test suites and identify slow, failing & flaky tests in your Sauce Labs runs.
More than test automation
Unified testing with Testmo: benefit from test cases, exploratory test sessions & automation in one powerful platform.
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Sauce Labs

Learn how it works:
Sauce Labs reporting with Testmo

Start by submitting your Sauce Labs results with Testmo's cross-platform CLI tool. Use your existing CI pipeline, build system, fontend framework and test runner to get started quickly. No changes needed!
Sauce Labs test reporting how-to

Build better and more robust test suites
with Sauce Labs and Testmo

Optimize your Sauce Labs test runs with Testmo's actionable test automation metrics and reporting for faster & more robust tests. Track all your frontend, mobile, backend, API & acceptance tests for a unified QA & DevOps workflow.
Test automation run

Trace automation sources

Group your test suites into sources to easily trace your Sauce Labs frontend tests, backend tests, mobile test suites and API checks.
Test automation sources

Identify & fix test issues

Improve and optimize your Sauce Labs test runs with Testmo. Find slow, failing and flaky tests with actionable reports and error reports.
Test metrics

Faster Selenium tests

Trace and profile your Selenium test suites to identify trends and regressions in your execution performance to optimize your Selenium tests.
Test automation performance

Sauce Labs test management &
reporting with Testmo integration

Whether you are running your frontend, mobile or API tests against Sauce Labs, benefit from Testmo's rich test management capabilities to track, report and optimize your software tests. Testmo's powerful CLI tool makes it easy to submit your test results in minutes – any CI platform, test runner and language supported. Then identify issues and optimize your test suites to improve performance and fix flaky & failing tests.

Testmo fully integrates with your existing DevOps tools for a complete workflow, including Jira, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins and many more. Track and manage all your software testing efforts in one central platform with manual testing, exploratory test sessions and test automation. Get started with Testmo unified test management today!

Best-in-class test cases, automation,
CI DevOps integration & more

Modern unified test management with #1 Selenium & Sauce Labs integration. Manual testing, exploratory sessions and automation in one powerful platform.
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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