Testmo features

Complete Project, Milestone
& Test Cycle Management

Track & manage your QA projects, test cycles and release milestones to have an accurate picture of your testing progress at all times. Fully integrated with your issue tracking, test automation and CI workflow.

QA test project overview
Project management

All your testing projects in a single place. Fully integrated with your dev tools & CI pipeline.

Complete testing & QA project management fully integrated with your issue tracking, test automation and CI tools. Assign teams, manage access, plan tests and report progress.
QA test project management
Test plan & docs

Record project documentation and test plans. Add links to your wiki, files and resources.

Easily collect and reference all documentation, links, plans and files for your testing projects to help your QA team access all relevant resources to complete projects faster.
Test plan document

Flexible milestones to group, schedule and track your runs, sessions & automation.

Plan your testing milestone, assign tasks and track progress of all your manual, ad-hoc and automated tests for new releases, test cycles and iterations.
QA project testing milestones
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Milestone, QA plan & test cycle management

Schedule and manage your testing cycles, iterations, sprints, test plans and milestones to keep track of your testing progress and release quality. Then archive milestones to keep a full accurate history of your QA efforts.
Test milestone management

Actionable milestone metrics that matter

QA milestone reports and metrics designed to help your team track your progress, improve coverage, meet deadlines and focus on tests that matter.
QA test project status chart

Progress burndown & completion forecast

Burndown charts and completion forecasts based on estimates, past testing times, current project progress and testing velocity to track, adjust and improve schedules.
Testing forecast burndown chart

Complete milestone activity at a glance

Providing a complete and accurate picture of your manual and automated testing activity per milestone. Easily identify and highlight bottlenecks, compare schedules and adjust plans.
QA test activity chart

Issue integration with Jira, GitHub, GitLab & more

Reference existing issues during planning, raise new defects found while testing and report on all linked issues with your tracking tool such as Jira, GitHub or GitLab.
Testing milestone issue list
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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