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Case Management Software

Easily manage test cases, record test results and track test runs with Testmo's flexible test case management. Fully customizable, integrated with your existing tools and optimized for productivity.

Test case management
Test case management

Efficiently manage all your test cases in Testmo's scalable project repositories.

All your test cases managed in a central place and organized with folders, tags and custom fields. Writing test cases has never been easier with fully customizable templates for all your projects.
Test case details
Test results

Powerful test result recording to track and report your milestones, test cycles & feature releases.

Optimized for tester productivity, Testmo makes it fast and easy to run tests, enter results and keep track of your testing progress. Organize of all your testing milestones and QA efforts with Testmo's test case management.
Test run status

All test cases & results at a glance

Testmo features a powerful and unique repository view to quickly work with your folders, tests and results side-by-side. Directly navigate between folders and tests, add results and link issues without leaving the page.
Test run with results
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Powerful customizations

Fully customize test case fields, templates, workflow states, permissions & more.
Test case customizations

Scalable workflow

Helps your team scale with assignments, user notifications and test case workflows.
Test case context & results

Productivity boost

Power user features such as shortcuts, bulk editing, inline notes & screenshots.
Inline adding notes

Rich reports & metrics

Only in Testmo: best-in-class metrics, forecasts, charts & actionable reports.
Test result activity

Test case management your team will love

Testmo's test case management was designed to help software testing teams manage test cases more efficiently and faster than with any other tool. Quickly navigate between tests, add results with a single click and look up linked issues. Fewer clicks and fewer page loads for faster results.

At the same time, Testmo features many options to make it your own and to optimize it for your testing needs. Add your own custom fields, assign workflow states and customize test case templates for each project. Integrate test cases and results with your existing tools to link issues and receive notifications.

In addition to powerful test case management, Testmo comes with full exploratory testing and session management built-in, as well as test automation integration with your CI pipelines & DevOps workflow. Benefit from unified test case management to track all your QA & software testing efforts in a single place.

Use with issue tracking, test automation,
exploratory testing & more

Built-in support for exploratory testing and test automation management. Full integration with your CI/CD pipelines, automation tools & issue tracking. Learn more about available integrations.
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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