Best-in-class QA Testing
Metrics & Reporting

Build better, faster and more complete software tests with Testmo's extensive QA reports, metrics and charts. Actionable insights to improve test performance, increase coverage and boost quality.

Test managemen reporting metrics
Generate testing & QA reports
Rich testing metrics
Track all your testing efforts in a single place with live status, activity, progress and key performance metrics.
Actionable QA reports
Testmo's best-in-class reporting center makes it easy to generate rich pre-defined and custom reports.
Track, analyze & improve
Only in Testmo: unique features to boost test performance, resolve issues faster and focus on tests that matter.
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Test result reporting PDF
PDF test cases report
Powerful custom reports with Testmo's rich PDF print views.
Optimized for sharing PDFs with stakeholders & clients.
Select and filter the exact data you want to include & review.
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Rich testing metrics & charts to keep
track of your testing efforts

Runs & results

Live status metrics

Track the latest status of all test runs, exploratory sessions, automation runs and milestones in real-time.
QA status metrics
Result history

Activity charts & filters

Quickly review and analyze all recent test activity. Filters make it easy to drill down into your test results.
Test activity chart
Testing trends

Relevant key indicators

Identify trends in your testing efforts with Testmo's key performance metrics for test runs, sessions and automation.
QA KPI performance indicators
Burndown analysis

Progress forecasts

Track the progress and review automatic forecasts for your project milestone and compare to planned due dates.
Testing QA burndown forecast

More than just metrics. Actionable insights
to improve your software tests

Designed to help your team improve performance, quality and coverage. Testmo's extensive QA reports provide actionable insights to focus on relevant tests and to get the most out of available resources.

Improve test coverage

Link issues to test cases and runs to track problems and improve test coverage.
Test coverage report

Only re-test what's needed

Filters make it easy to re-test only relevant tests to save time and speed up verification.
Retest test cases

Faster test automation

Accurately track test times to improve performance of automated tests over time.
Test automation performance

Identify test issues

Identify problematic tests and fix issues such as regularly failing, slow or flaky tests.
Flaky test report

Actionable software testing metrics & QA reports

The software testing metrics and QA reports in Testmo were specifically designed to help teams track all testing efforts in a single place and to build better software tests. More than just metrics and result charts: improve test performance, build custom QA reports, boost quality, reduce flaky tests and report & increase test coverage.

With Testmo's unique unified test management approach, easily track metrics and key indicators for all your testing sources at the same time, including manual test cases, exploratory test sessions and automated tests. And with our full integration with your existing issue tracker, CI pipelines, build system and version control, Testmo's QA reports are always readily available to your entire team.

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