Exploratory Testing &
Session Management

Only available in Testmo: exploratory testing, session management & note taking as first-class features. Manage your test sessions and ad-hoc tests for fast release cycles and continuous delivery.

Exploratory testing session management
Exploratory sessions

Exploratory testing and test sessions as first-class features – only in Testmo.

Unique to Testmo, use exploratory testing as first-class feature to track test sessions and benefit from Testmo's rich reports & metrics, issue tracker integration, milestone support and more.
List of exploratory testing sessions
Note taking

Rich note taking to document any ideas and issues found during testing.

Testmo comes with fast & rich note taking for your test sessions, including accurate time tracking, screenshots, test results and comments. Directly create & link issues with your issue tracker for an integrated workflow.
Exploratory test note taking
Session management

Advanced session management to support fast release cycles and continuous delivery.

Testmo supports testing efforts for continuous delivery and fast feature releases with advanced session management, bulk sessions & import, assignments & notifications, tagging and custom workflows.
Testing session log
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Scale exploratory testing and ad-hoc sessions

Testmo's exploratory session features help you track and manage ad-hoc sessions and session-based test management for projects of all sizes. Easily scale your tests as your projects grow and keep track of the progress.
Exploratory test management

Session workflow

Assign sessions and track progress with full workflow support.
Session workflow


Fully customize your session fields, templates and project configs.
Customizing sessions

Reuse & import

Built-in power user features to duplicate, import and reuse sessions.
Reuse and import sessions

Exploratory testing & session
management for modern teams

For many teams, more frequent feature releases and continuous delivery means less time for test planning, test case design and extended manual test runs. Exploratory testing becomes more and more important as testing teams need to work with shorter release cycles. Testmo supports your team by providing best-in-class support for exploratory testing and featuring powerful test session management.

Whether your team is just getting started with exploratory testing, wants to scale your test sessions to the next level or plans to manage huge exploratory testing efforts: Testmo's session management scales for teams and projects of all sizes. And because Testmo also comes with full test case management and test automation management in a single tool, you can track all your software tests in a single place.

Integrate test cases, issue tracking,
automation & more

Benefit from unified test management and use exploratory testing together with rich test case management, powerful test automation, integration with your issue tracker, existing CI/CD pipelines and more.
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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