BrowserStack Test
Management with Testmo

BrowserStack test management & BrowserStack reporting with Testmo, the #1 unified testing platform with rich CI, DevOps & exploratory testing integration. All your manual, ad-hoc & automated tests in a central place.

BrowserStack test management
BrowserStack reporting metrics
Simply submit your automation test results with Testmo's powerful cross-platform CLI tool. Any CI platform & runner supported.
Analyze, track & improve
Rich metrics & reports help you visualize, report & optimize your automated browser, backend & mobile tests.
More than test automation
Organize and track your manual browser tests & exploratory test sessions to report results, track issues & identify regressions.
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Learn how it works:
BrowserStack reporting with Testmo

Submit your BrowserStack automated test results by using Testmo's powerful CLI tool from any platform. Simply add Testmo to your existing CI pipeline or build system. No other changes needed!
BrowserStack test reporting how-to

Only in Testmo: Also track your
BrowserStack browser tests & sessions

Don't just report your automated tests: with Testmo, also easily track & measure your manual test cases and ad-hoc browser test sessions for a scalable testing workflow. All your software testing efforts in one powerful platform.
BrowserStack test reporting how-to

Faster and more robust test suites with
BrowserStack and Testmo

Quickly identify slow, flaky and failing tests to improve your BrowserStack test suites with Testmo. Build faster and more robust tests and track all your frontend, backend, mobile & acceptance tests for an integrated QA workflow.
Test automation run

Trace automation sources

All your automated tests grouped & organized by sources. Easily track and report your frontend, backend, mobile, API & unit tests.
Test automation sources

Identify & fix test issues

Improve your BrowserStack test runs with Testmo. Identify slow, failing and flaky tests with rich reports and actionable testing metrics.
Test metrics

Browser test sessions

Not just automation: also track all your manual & ad-hoc browser testing sessions for a scalable & organized QA DevOps workflow.
Test automation performance

BrowserStack test management &
reporting with Testmo integration

All your automated tests in one powerful tool: track your BrowserStack frontend, mobile and browser tests. Then identify failures, improve slow runs and fix flaky tests with rich reporting & QA metrics. Full support for all CI platforms such as GitHub, CircleCI, Jenkins, Bitbucket & GitLab included. Works with any language, platform and test runner by integrating Testmo's cross-platform CLI tool.

Not just test automation: Testmo's unified testing also enables you to track, manage and report your manual test cases & ad-hoc exploratory testing sessions for a complete DevOps QA workflow. Plan, assign and report your BrowserStack browser tests and never miss error reports, regressions & frontend issues again. Get started with unified test management & Testmo today!

Unified testing with best-in-class
manual, exploratory & automated testing

The #1 unified test management platform with rich BrowserStack & Selenium integration for a complete QA & DevOps workflow. All platforms, CI tools and languages supported.
Issue tracking
Issues & CI
Issues & CI
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
CI pipelines
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