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Testmo General Availability, New Features & Product Roadmap

By Dennis Gurock
Jul 12, 2022
10 min read
Testmo General Availability, New Features & Product Roadmap

Summary: Learn about our recent product launch, new features and get an overview of our upcoming exciting product roadmap.

It has been more than half a year since we've introduced Testmo and invited the first teams to try our new unified test management tool. Since then we've successfully completed our private beta test, had an extensive public beta program with a large number of users, and then soft-launched the product. Many teams and companies that have switched to Testmo since then and successfully use the product every day to manage all their software tests.

Today we want to review the various new features we've added to the product since we've first announced it earlier this year. We will also take a look at our upcoming feature roadmap with some exciting features we have in the pipeline. Enjoy!

Testmo Feature & Training Video

An important recent milestone for us was the introduction of the new Testmo video demo and training tour. It can sometimes be overwhelming to try and get started with a new product. So our goal was to publish a detailed video tour to help new users learn about Testmo's most important features.

We want to make it as easy as possible to start using Testmo and support all the advanced use cases when users are ready to explore them. With our new video tour users can learn about many of the products features in less than 15 minutes. If you haven't watched the video tour yet, you can find it here:

The Testmo video demo & training tour (also see our shareable link)

Importing Test Cases

Starting from the first week of the private beta test we've received a lot of feedback from users about migrating and importing their existing test cases to Testmo. Users want to migrate their existing test cases from various other test management tools to Testmo as well as from existing CSV and Excel files. So we designed our universal import features to import existing test cases to Testmo project repositories.

Importing test cases from CSV files, Excel and other test management tools

With our new import wizards you can now easily migrate your existing test cases from Excel, CSV files and many test management tools. We support many customization options including mapping columns to fields, mapping values as well as converting data between different types. You can learn more about Testmo's import and migration features in our documentation:

Importing & Migrating Test Cases

Copying Test Cases & Folders

Another popular feature request we've seen is copying test cases and folders. We've already supported copying test cases and folder within repositories via drag&drop. We've now also added new powerful copy features to easily copy test cases, folders and entire repositories between projects. To use our new copy feature, simply navigate to the project repository you want to copy test cases to and select the Copy button from the toolbar.

Copying test cases and folders between projects

Our new copy dialog supports various options to make it easy to reuse your test cases in other projects. You can select to copy entire repositories, or select a folder (and all its sub folders and cases) or select specific test cases to copy. You can also select your test cases via filters such as tags, workflow states, priorities and any other compact custom field. Learn more in our updated documentation here:

Copy & Move Test Cases

Product Updates & Our Testing Strategy

Our customers and users use our product every day so they depend on Testmo's availability, product quality & reliability. As we regularly get questions around this topic from teams switching from other products to Testmo, we've decided to document our extensive testing and quality strategy so new teams can learn about how we test and release new product updates, how our deployments work and how we introduce new features. We also provide live status updates of our infrastructure and service availability.

Our infrastructure uses tenant isolation and supports rolling & staged deployments

Each Testmo customer is using its own isolated database for tenant isolation for best performance, scalability and security. We've also built our infrastructure to support rolling deployments so different customer instances can use different Testmo versions, allowing us to deploy new versions in stages. You can learn more about our own testing and quality strategy in our documentation.

Testmo Updates & Stability

Upcoming Feature Roadmap

Today we would also like to share some first details about future upcoming features and give an overview of our product roadmap. Our team is always working on various new things in parallel and it is difficult to say when new features become available. Also, these plans can still change at any time and we might decide to focus on other features first. But some customers might still find it useful to know which features we currently plan to focus on next.

  • Exporting test cases: Just like you can import test cases from various formats, we plan to make it easier to export test cases from project repositories, so it's easier to share test cases with clients and stakeholders. We are considering different formats for this, and will likely start with CSV files.

  • Exporting results: Likewise, exporting test runs (and possibly test sessions) will make it easier to share, archive and document results outside Testmo. We want to support use cases where Testmo teams can send results to their clients without having to grant access to Testmo.

  • Central reporting center: As a longer-term plan, a bigger feature we are working on (and already have detailed designs for) is to add an additional central reporting center to Testmo in addition to the various reports, metrics and charts we already have. This will ideally also support many options to customize and share your own reports.

  • Cross-project reporting: For the planned reporting center, one of the main goals is to also make it easier to generate reports across multiple projects. Most other test management tools support project-level reporting only, and with Testmo we want to make it easier to combine metrics and reports from multiple projects as needed.

  • More coverage & workload reports: As part of the new reporting features we plan to add various default reports and reporting modules to generate additional reports on test coverage, to combine results of manual, exploratory and automated tests, as well as more team and workload-based metrics.

Please note that this is not a complete list of things we are working on. There are various additional smaller and larger features and improvements we are adding based on user feedback. If you have any additional feature feedback for us, please let us know!

Managing manual, exploratory and automated software tests with Testmo

Getting Started with Testmo

Getting started with Testmo only takes two minutes. Simply create your account, invite your team and start adding your first test cases, sessions and test runs. Then optionally also submit your automated test results or integrate your favorite issue tracker for a complete DevOps workflow:

Start free Testmo trial   

PS: We regularly publish original software testing & QA research, including free guides, reports and news. To receive our next postings, you can subscribe to updates. You can also follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

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