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Launching Demo Projects with Sample Training Data

By Dennis Gurock
Jun 22, 2023
5 min read
Launching Demo Projects with Sample Training Data

We are now offering the option to create demo projects with sample data as part of Testmo trial accounts to make it easier to discover and try all of Testmo's features & benefits.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to review Testmo so teams can quickly find out if our test management tool is a good fit for them. With Testmo's extensive feature set and the ability to manage test cases & runs, exploratory testing and test automation all in one tool, it can take some upfront effort to add useful data during the trial to try all features.

We want to help with this and provide a quick way to add useful sample data for trial accounts. We are now offering demo projects with a few use cases in mind:

  • Quickly add sample data to try all Testmo features during a trial
  • Better understand best practices for setting up your projects
  • Use demo projects for training & onboarding users new to Testmo

Should you always start with a demo project? Not necessarily! If you are ready to try Testmo for your own testing projects and want to start managing your test cases, run exploratory tests and submit your test automation results, we recommend starting with an empty project.

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Creating New Demo Projects

Creating new projects in Testmo is easy and only takes a few clicks. Simply launch the Add Project dialog either from the home dashboard or from Admin > Projects. Then check the new Demo project checkbox in the dialog to get started.

Using a paid Testmo subscription account?

If you are using a paid Testmo subscription, demo projects are not available. We limit demo projects to trial accounts so you don't mix demo projects with your real production data by mistake. Instead, to use demo projects (e.g. for onboarding & training of new users), create a new separate trial account just for this. It's free!

Once the demo project is ready, you can access it and start exploring Testmo's features. Testmo automatically generates extensive sample data, including milestones, test cases, test runs & results, exploratory test sessions as well as test automation runs.

Test Case Repository

Simply access the Repository section of your new project to explore Testmo's powerful test case management. Test cases are grouped into folders and sub folders and we support different test case templates with various custom fields, which you can also customize later.

Testmo allows you to create test cases with text-based steps, or test cases with separate steps, or BDD test cases, or custom field templates all in the same project.

Test Runs & Exploratory Sessions

Demo projects also come with sample test runs, which can be nicely organized into milestones and test plans. You use test runs to execute your test cases and enter test results, and you can choose to include a subset or all test cases of a project.

Test sessions are used to run and document ad-hoc or exploratory testing with Testmo. You can plan, track and archive test sessions so you can capture all your team's testing activities, not just testing based on test cases. Demo projects come with various sample test sessions, including full session logs, so you can easily review Testmo's exploratory testing features.

Test Automation Reporting

Test automation becomes increasingly important for testing teams, and Testmo comes with best-in-class test automation reporting, including unique features not found in any other test management tool such as parallel test jobs, flaky test detection, custom automation fields and more.

We've specifically built our automation support so there's no need for any custom API code or error-prone ID mapping. You simply submit your automation results to Testmo by using our cross-platform CLI tool and Testmo handles the rest. You can use any automation tool, any platform, and any environment, including any CI service or build system.

Summary & What's Next

This update is now live for all Testmo trial accounts, so you can start creating demo projects with sample data. For production & paid subscriptions we do not enable this feature, so you don't mix your production projects with sample data by mistake. Instead, simply register a free Testmo trial if you want to use demo projects for onboarding or training new users.

Next for Testmo, we are also already working on various other new features and improvements. If you have an idea for an improvement or new feature you would like to see in Testmo, please let us know!

PS: We regularly publish original software testing & QA research, including free guides, reports and news. To receive our next postings, you can subscribe to updates. You can also follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

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