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Public Testmo Beta Launch

By Dennis Gurock
Mar 30, 2022
4 min read
Public Testmo Beta Launch

Update: Good news! Testmo has been fully released since this posting was published and many teams are using Testmo to manage all their testing efforts every day now. You can also start using Testmo with our free trial.

Today we are launching the public Testmo beta test. After completing the private beta with a great group of testers over the past few weeks and receiving a lot of positive feedback, we are opening Testmo registrations for everyone today. This means that you can sign up for a trial of Testmo and test our new unified test management tool as we prepare the full release now:

Start free Testmo beta   

We look forward to feedback from testers and teams interested in trying Testmo for unified test management. With Testmo you can manage all your manual test cases, exploratory testing and test automation in a single platform.

Managing manual test cases, exploratory test sessions & test automation in Testmo

New: Jira, GitHub & GitLab Integrations

We are also launching our new major integrations for Jira Cloud, GitHub and GitLab. With Testmo we are focusing on providing integrations with popular tools so teams can easily add Testmo to their existing workflow.

  • Jira Cloud: With Testmo's extensive Jira Cloud integration, teams can directly push, link and look up Jira issues from Testmo. Linked tests, test cases, runs & more can also be viewed inside Jira from referenced issue pages for full two-way integration. Unique to Testmo: when creating new issues, you can use Jira' native New Issue window with full support for all Jira custom fields and add-ons – no complicated configuration needed. Learn more about Jira test management.

  • GitHub: Our GitHub integration supports both GitHub Issues for issue tracking as well as GitHub Actions to integrate test automation reporting with your CI pipelines. Directly add and link GitHub issues from Testmo and submit all your test automation results. Any test automation framework and platform supported. Learn more about GitHub test management.

  • GitLab: Testmo also comes with rich GitLab Issues integration and support for reporting test automation results from GitLab CI/CD pipelines. Quickly report issues found during manual testing and track all your automated test runs in a central place. Both (cloud) and GitLab server instances are supported. Learn more about GitLab test management

Testmo also comes with many more integrations, including CI tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI and Bitbucket, more issue & project management tools like Asana, Trello, Redmine and YouTrack, as well as any test automation tool. Testmo also features enterprise auth integration such as Azure AD, Google, Okta, OneLogin & SAML.

Example integration with Jira: see all linked test cases, results, runs & more inside Jira.

Testmo Features & Beta Feedback

We welcome any feedback about Testmo, including all its features, our documentation, on-boarding experience, our user interface, the integration setup with other tools, submitting test results with our command line tools and anything else you notice. We are also interested in feedback about:

  • Using Testmo for manual test case management, including large test suites, running tests against multiple configurations, using custom fields and organizing your test runs with milestones

  • We now also support importing and migrating test cases from other testing tools and spreadsheets to Testmo. If you want to try it, you can find detailed documentation here

  • We would love to hear from teams using (or planning to use) exploratory testing and using Testmo to track their sessions

  • Any feedback about submitting your automated tests to Testmo, either manually from the command line, from your build server or integrated with your CI pipeline. Did you have issues setting this up? Was our documentation helpful?

  • We have spent a lot of time making the integration with tools such as Jira, GitHub and GitLab as easy as possible. Now that our full integrations have been launched, we welcome any feedback about the integrations and how easy it was for you to set up

  • Testmo was designed to work great for teams of all sizes. Feedback about the workflow features, test assignments, permissions & roles, the user management and enterprise features would be helpful

Managing test runs and results with Testmo's optimized & productive interface

Getting Started with Testmo

The public Testmo beta test is starting today and you can sign up for Testmo now. We will also keep you updated about the progress of the launch when you sign up. Start using Testmo in about 2 minutes here:

Start free Testmo beta   

PS: We regularly publish original software testing & QA research, including free guides, reports and news. To receive our next postings, you can subscribe to updates. You can also follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

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