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Test Case Coverage, Automation Linking & Workflow Improvements

By Dennis Gurock
Jan 14, 2023
8 min read
Test Case Coverage & Automation Linking

Today we are releasing another exciting update for our test management platform Testmo. We are introducing new features to better track the test case coverage & latest status, to support automation linking from the project repositories, plus various workflow improvements to help teams work with manual and automated tests in the same projects.

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Latest Test Case Status

To better track the coverage of your test cases across multiple test runs, across multiple milestones and optionally even across manual & automated tests, we are introducing a new Latest status column for the test case repository. This new column can be displayed from your project's test case repository to show the latest status of a test case, regardless of where and when the result was added. This makes it easy to quickly see the coverage and status of all your test cases.

As an additional bonus we are also showing the previous, recent results in a small breadcrumb history graph in the new column. This makes it easy to quickly see all recent results and identify issues with your recent test results across multiple runs. You can also click on the latest status to open the list of all recent results for the test case.

The new Latest status column and recent test results in the repository.

Testmo now also allows you to sort, filter and group your test cases by their latest status, so you can better focus on subsets of your test cases. For example, you can easily see all your test cases with recent failures across different test runs. And you can easily start new test runs with just your currently failing (or blocked) test cases, even if they were executed by different testers across multiple runs or milestones.

With our new Latest status column, Testmo makes it even easier to allocate & plan your testing activities and focus on your most important tests at any given time.

Powerful test case filters to focus on subsets of test cases.

Repository Automation Linking

One of Testmo's big benefits is that you can submit your test automation results without any custom programming and without having to manually create test cases or map IDs as it is often needed with legacy test management tools that only focus on manual test case management.

With Testmo's dedicated test automation features, you simply submit your test automation results and Testmo will create new dedicated test runs in your project's Automation section, add all tests & results there, capture automation-specific data such as console output, test times, exit codes, and automatically detect flaky, slow and often-failing tests. With our dedicated automation support, Testmo also scales much better and provides significantly better performance over time, even for large projects.

For some workflows and for some test automation efforts it can be useful to link manual test cases in your repository to automated tests. To support such scenarios, we are introducing automation linking in the test case repository. For example, if you are migrating your manual test cases to automated UI tests over time, you can track which manual test case have been automated, and which automated tests cover these test scenarios.

Should you enable & use automation linking in your project?

For most regular test automation efforts, you wouldn't need to link manual test cases to automation. Testmo automatically takes care of adding your tests & results to your project's Automation section. For some projects it can be useful to link test cases and you can learn more in our documentation on when & how to use this feature.

Edit test cases to select & link automated tests.

You can enable automation linking for some or all of your projects from Admin > Automation. Once enabled, you can link some of your test cases to automated tests by editing the test cases in the repository.

Linked automated tests are then displayed as part of the test case properties and you can quickly see all recent automation results for the test case from the Results tab. If you use our newly introduced Latest status column, you can also see the latest status of all your test cases across manual and automated tests.

View linked test automation & results from your repository.

Test Execution & Workflow Improvements

Results for your automated tests will still reside in the project's Automation section as part of your automated test runs. And only your manual test results will be stored in your manual test runs. This way you still benefit from Testmo's dedicated test automation support & features, while still being able to link manual test cases to automation for reference.

To make it easier to work with your manual test runs & your repository if you decide to link some of your automated tests, we are also introducing some additional workflow improvements: First of all, we've added a new Automation column to the repository. This column indicates whether a test case has any test automation links, so you can more easily filter your test cases by automation.

Additionally, our new linking feature can automatically set a filter for new manual test runs to exclude any test cases with automation. This way, when you start a new manual test run, you can focus on just your test cases that aren't covered by automation. So your manual test runs only include your manual test cases, while your automated tests will continue to be tracked in the Automation section of your projects.

Start a new test run and automatically exclude test cases with automation links.

Summary & What's Next

This update is now live for all Testmo accounts, so you can start using our new Latest status column right away, and also review our new optional automation linking feature. If you aren't using Testmo yet, you can also register a free Testmo trial to get started.

We are also already working on various other new features and improvements for Testmo. We have many new things planned for this year, so stay tuned. If you have an idea for an improvement or new feature you would like to see in Testmo, please let us know!

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