Testmo: #1 PractiTest alternative

Best PractiTest Alternative:
Testmo vs PractiTest

Compare PractiTest vs Testmo, the #1 unified test management tool. All your test cases, exploratory and automation tests in one powerful platform. Jira, GitHub, GitLab & more. Review PractiTest alternative vs Testmo today.

PractiTest alternative
PractiTest alternative
Testmo is the #1 PractiTest alternative. Powerful, lightning fast & optimized for modern software teams.
Unified QA testing
Manage all your tests in one platform. Manual test cases, exploratory test sessions & test automation.
Issues, CI & DevOps
Best-in-class integrations with issue, CI & DevOps tools. Jira, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins & many more.
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PractiTest alternative: Why Testmo?

Teams choose Testmo to benefit from unified testing for all their manual, exploratory and automated tests. Best-in-class integration with Jira, GitHub, GitLab and many more. Popular Testmo features include:

Features & benefits Testmo
Complete test case management
Scalable test case repositories
Test runs, test results, metrics & charts
Fast & modern UI for improved tester productivity
Custom fields, templates & workflows
Exploratory testing & sessions
Track, assign & manage testing sessions
Rich note-taking, screenshots & time tracking
Ad-hoc testing & session-based testing
Test automation & monitoring
Submit, report & monitor all test automation results
Works with any test automation tool & platform
Powerful CLI tool, testing APIs & parallel test support
Rich issue, CI & DevOps integration
Best-in-class Jira Cloud & Bitbucket integration
Integrate issue tracking tools, CI pipelines & automation
Works with GitHub, GitLab, Jira, CircleCI & many more
Projects, milestones & reporting
Project management & workflows for all your tests
Manage milestones, test plans, sprints, releases & versions
Rich metrics, reporting, charts & actionable insights
Scalable, fast, secure & enterprise-ready
Designed for projects of all sizes; small to huge teams
Modern & secure cloud platform, 24/7 monitoring
Flexible user management, auth integration, 2FA
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Testmo is not affiliated with PractiTest. To see PractiTest features and PractiTest pricing, please refer to their website.

Introducing PractiTest vs Testmo:
#1 Unified QA alternative

Effective test management with Testmo, the #1 unified QA tool. Manage manual, exploratory & test automation. Integrate with issue tracking, CI pipelines & automation tools. The best alternative to PractiTest, try Testmo free today.

Unified QA testing

Manage all your testing activities in one modern, powerful platform with Testmo.

Test cases & sessions

Modern test case management & exploratory sessions for fast & productive manual QA.

Automation, CI & DevOps

Submit all your automation results. Any platform, CI & automation tool supported.

Best-in-class issue integration

Full integration with issue & DevOps tools such as Jira, GitHub, GitLab and many more.

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Test automation runs
Test automation command line

PractiTest alternative: Modern
test management with Testmo

Benefit from unified testing with all your manual test cases, exploratory sessions and test automation. Plus best-in-class issue, CI & DevOps integrations. We also have guides on the best test management tools with updated listings.
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Unified modern test management for your team.