Powerful Jira Test Cases &
Management with Testmo

Manage test cases with Testmo and directly push, link and look up Jira issues. Then see linked test cases, results, runs, milestones & more directly from Jira issues for best-in-class two-way Jira integration.

Jira test cases & management
Jira issue page
Jira test case integration
Jira test case management
Effective Jira test cases & test case management with Testmo for a complete two-way Jira integration.
Unified testing for Jira
Benefit from unified testing for Jira with test cases, exploratory testing and test automation in one powerful platform.
Jira DevOps & CI workflow
Plus full integration for CI pipelines and DevOps workflows. Any test automation tool, platform and language supported.
Jira test case issue page
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Only in Testmo: Full-featured Jira issue
dialog for test cases & results

Testmo is the only unified test management tool allowing you to use Jira Cloud's native New Issue dialog; with full support for custom fields, add-ons and customizations. Create new issues from test cases, test results, runs & more.
Add Jira issues from Testmo
From test cases & results
Create Jira issues found during testing or link from test cases & runs. Use Jira's native full-featured New Issue dialog.
Push Jira issue for test cases
Auto linking
New Jira issues are automatically linked after creation.. Full two-way Jira test case integration.
Jira two-way integration lookup

Scalable Jira test cases &
management to track your tests

Scalable test case repositories, customizable fields & templates, productive note-taking, dozens of built-in charts & metrics, plus two-way Jira integration.
Jira test cases

Look up & report issues

Create, link and look up Jira issues from test cases & test results. Then view linked cases & results from Jira issues.
Jira test case metrics
Test execution

Live metrics & charts

Track the latest status of all related test runs, test cases, linked Jira issues and milestones in real-time.
Test run results
Note taking

Rich test cases & results

Quickly add rich notes to test cases & exploratory sessions. Then directly submit new issues to Jira.
Jira test case notes

Jira test cases & management
with Testmo: fast, effective & scalable

Testmo's rich Jira test case & management features were designed and built from the ground up for Atlassian's cloud connect platform for fast & secure Jira integration. Easily create, link and look up Jira issues from test cases, test results, runs, milestones & more.

Benefit from Testmo's rich test case management with powerful note-taking, time tracking, custom fields, templates, test steps & scalable test case repositories. Easily allow access to Testmo for all your Jira users with flexible user management options.

Testmo also comes with unified testing with additional first-class features for exploratory testing & test automation. Directly submit test results from your favorite CI platform such as Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI and many more. Any test automation tool, CI platform and language supported.

Best-in-class test cases, test
automation, exploratory testing & more

Benefit from unified test management and use Jira together with rich test cases, exploratory testing, powerful test automation and your existing CI/CD pipelines.
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Unified modern test management for your team.