Effective Jira Exploratory
Testing with Testmo

Manage exploratory testing, link Jira issues and track sessions. Complete unified testing with Jira and Testmo. Plus full test case management & test automation in one powerful platform.

Jira exploratory testing
Jira issue page
Jira exploratory test integration
Jira exploratory testing
Use exploratory testing with Jira and Testmo to run sessions and ad-hoc tests. Then directly report found issues to Jira.
Session-based testing
Benefit from Jira session-based test management to scale and improve exploratory testing.
Jira DevOps & CI workflow
Plus full test automation, test case management & CI pipeline integration for a complete Jira DevOps workflow.
Jira issues & exploratory testing
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Only in Testmo: Exploratory testing &
session-based test management

Testmo's Jira integration makes it easy to manage exploratory testing, use session-based test management and directly create new Jira issues found during testing. Then see linked test sessions, test results, runs & milestones in Jira.
Jira exploratory test sessions

Rich exploratory session reports & Jira
issue metrics to track your software tests

With dozens of built-in charts, reports and metrics, Testmo helps you plan, run and manage all your exploratory tests and test sessions and linked Jira issues.
Jira exploratory testing

Look up & report issues

Create, link and look up Jira issues from exploratory test sessions and ad-hoc tests full control and coverage.
Jira session issue metrics
Test execution

Better session tracking

Plan, run and manage test sessions. Track session metrics and improve exploratory testing for better test results.
Exploratory test sessions
Note taking

Rich session logs

Quickly add rich notes with test times, screenshots & attachments. Create and link Jira issues directly from your exploratory test sessions.
Jira session note taking

Exploratory testing with Jira &
Testmo: Test sessions & ad-hoc tests

Benefit from Testmo's first-class exploratory testing features to track test sessions & ad-hoc tests. Session-based test management plus full test case management and test automation in one powerful platform.

For a complete workflow with Jira, directly push, link and look up Jira issues found during testing from your test sessions. Session & issue metrics help you track test and issue coverage across projects and milestones.

Jira & exploratory testing with Testmo also integrates with test automation and CI pipelines, so you can report all your test automation results in addition to manual testing & test sessions. Any test automation tool, CI platform and language supported.

Best-in-class test cases, test
automation, exploratory testing & more

Benefit from unified test management and use Jira together with rich test cases, exploratory testing, powerful test automation and your existing CI/CD pipelines.
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