Testmo: #1 Session-based Test Management

Effective Session-Based
Test Management

Testmo is the #1 unified test management tool fully supporting session-based test management. Track exploratory testing, manual test cases & test automation in one powerful platform. Rich notes & screenshots, custom fields, testing times & session archive.

Session-based test management
Session-based testing
Manage, track, assign & report test sessions for full session-based test management.
Rich notes & integrations
Productive note-taking, screens & metrics. Integrations with Jira, GitHub, GitLab & more.
Plus test cases & automation
Benefit from unified testing with Testmo, incl. full test cases & automation.

What is session-based test management?

Session-based test management focuses on exploratory testing to track, manage and audit the quality of software projects. With test sessions testers are able to more freely explore software functionality compared to pre-defined test cases.

Because testers can define what and how they test during test execution, test sessions are especially useful for new functionality, ad-hoc testing, smoke tests and functionality not yet covered by manual or automated test cases.

To better track, scale and report exploratory testing, session-based test management introduces additional concepts to manage such tests. With Testmo you can manage all your exploratory tests, manual test cases and test automation in one powerful platform and integrate your existing issue tracking and DevOps tools.

Introducing Testmo: #1 Session-based
test management, test cases & automation

Testmo provides unified testing for modern software teams. Easily implement session-based test management for exploratory testing, plus full test case management & test automation in one powerful platform.

Track exploratory sessions

Complete session-based test management. Manage, track & report testing sessions.

Rich note-taking

Productive & rich notes for testing sessions, including time tracking & custom fields.

Integrated project management

Manage your testing sessions, test cases & test automation with projects and milestones.

Issue & DevOps integration

Full integration with issue & DevOps tools such as Jira, GitHub, GitLab and many more.

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Test automation runs
Test automation command line

Best-in-class test cases, test
automation, exploratory testing & more

Benefit from unified test management and session-based test management. Rich test cases, exploratory testing, powerful test automation and DevOps integration.
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