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Session-Based Testing
and QA with Testmo

Powerful & modern session-based testing with Testmo, the #1 unified test management tool. All your manual, exploratory and automated tests in one powerful platform. Rich note-taking, Jira & GitHub & GitLab integration, session management, user workflows & more.

Session-based testing
Session-based testing
Session tracking, reporting, user workflows, metrics. Lightning fast & scalable.
Note-taking & integrations
Rich notes, screenshots & issues. Works with Jira, GitHub, GitLab & more.
Test cases & automation
Plus test case management & test automation support. Complete QA testing.

Why session-based testing & QA?

Session-based testing enables teams to focus on ad-hoc tests and planned sessions to audit and track software project quality on the fly. Testers can start testing new features and explore new functionality without prior test design.

Instead of planning test cases in advance, session-based testing allows testers to define what and how they test during test execution. This allows for extensive software testing even with short release cycles, continuous delivery & ad-hoc updates.

To enable teams to track session-based testing, Testmo comes with full session management to create, plan, assign and report on sessions. Testmo's session-based testing features powerful note-taking, statuses, issue linking, screenshots, user workflows & much more.

Link test sessions to milestones and track releases, versions, iterations and sprints. Then organize your exploratory test sessions together with test cases & test automation for a complete QA workflow. Finally, integrate Testmo session-based testing with your favorite issue tracking & DevOps tools such as Jira, GitHub and GitLab.

Introducing Testmo: Best session-based
testing, test cases & automation

Unified session-based testing with Testmo. All your manual, exploratory & automated tests in one powerful tool. Start sessions, track results, take notes, add screenshots & integrate issues.

Session-based QA testing

Complete session-based QA testing. Track sessions, record test results & report progress.

Note-taking for sessions

Take rich notes, add screenshots, link issues, track testing times & record test statuses.

Project management for test sessions

Sessions for milestones, releases & sprints. Organize with manual & automated tests.

Issue tracking & DevOps

Integrates with your existing issue & DevOps tools. Jira, GitHub, GitLab & many more.

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Test automation runs
Test automation command line

Best-in-class test cases, test
automation, exploratory testing & more

Benefit from unified test management and session-based testing. Rich test cases, exploratory testing, powerful test automation and DevOps integration.
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