Testmo: #1 QA Testing Tool

#1 QA Testing Tool:
Unified Quality Assurance

Testmo is the #1 unified QA testing tool. Faster quality assurance with unified testing. All your test cases, exploratory tests & test automation in one modern tool. Any workflow, project & platform supported.

QA testing tool
#1 QA testing tool
Manage your tests with Testmo, the leading QA testing tool. All your manual, exploratory & automated tests in one platform.
Faster & productive QA
Boost your team's performance with Testmo's rich & modern UI. Flexible, customizable & lightning fast.
Jira, GitHub, GitLab & more
Works with all your existing tools. Benefit from Testmo's best-in-class integrations. Issue trackers, CI & automation.

Why are software teams using
QA testing tools for their projects?

Every week, many teams choose Testmo as their new QA testing tool to improve their quality assurance efforts. Teams adopt a QA testing tool to manage all their software tests in one place, so they can keep track of all their test cases, exploratory test sessions, automated tests & test results. Based on customer feedback, here are the five top reasons teams choose a QA testing tool:

  • Manage & track all software tests: Teams want to track all their manual, exploratory & automated tests (along with all test results) in one central place. Testmo unified testing makes it easy to manage everything in one platform.

  • Improve tester productivity: There is never enough time to test everything. Testmo's lightning fast interface helps testing teams worker faster. Enter test results with one click, use the best rich text editor & navigate between tests without page loads.

  • Report & share test results: Use Testmo's actionable metrics, reports & rich charts to keep track of all your project's progress. Then easily export your test results to CSV/Excel & PDF to share, archive and audit your tests.

  • Integrate with DevOps: Your team already uses various tools to manage issues, run CI pipelines and execute automated tests. Testmo works with all your existing tools for a complete DevOps workflow.

  • Customizable & flexible workflows: Every team uses a different workflow and has their preferred way of working. Fully customize Testmo to make it your perfect QA testing tool. Customize fields, tags, workflow states, milestones, platforms, permissions & more.

Introducing Testmo:
#1 Unified QA testing tool

All your testing activities in one modern QA testing tool with Testmo. Powerful test management, metrics & reporting. Plus best-in-class integration with your issue tracker, CI pipeline & automation tools

QA test management

Manage all your QA tests, track milestones, start test runs & report key metrics.

Exploratory testing

Now also keep track of your team's exploratory tests. Sessions, assignments & rich notes.

Test automation & QA reporting

Any platform & tool supported. Collect and report all your test automation runs.

QA tool & DevOps integrations

Jira, GitHub, GitLab & many more. Full integration with all popular DevOps tools.

Start testing with Testmo free

Test automation runs
Test automation command line

Best-in-class test cases, test
automation, exploratory testing & more

Benefit from unified test management and QA testing tool. Rich test cases, exploratory testing, powerful test automation and DevOps integration.
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