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Management Software

Designed from the ground up for modern software teams, Testmo is the only next-gen test management tool that unifies test cases, test automation & exploratory testing in one platform.

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Testmo test management software
Works with all your existingyour tools, including:
Test case management

The most productive test case management tool available, fully integrated.

Easily manage test cases, record test results and track test runs with Testmo's flexible test case management. Fully customizable, integrated with your existing tools and optimized for productivity.
Test case management
Exploratory testing

Only available in Testmo, exploratory testing and test sessions as first-class features.

Exploratory testing, session management & note taking as first-class features in Testmo's test management platform. Manage your test sessions and ad-hoc tests for fast release cycles and continuous delivery.
Exploratory testing
Test automation

All your test automation results in one central place, regardless of the tools you use.

Full test automation integration with your existing testing tools, CI pipelines and build systems. Automatically submit results, track tests and report failures. Works with any tool, language and platform.
Test automation

Why unified test management
for modern software teams?

Modern software teams are using a variety of software testing and QA efforts, tools and practices to ship high quality software: continuous integration and deployment, extensive automated testing, distributed teams, faster release cycles, instant updates & fixes. Software development is getting more and more complex as organizations and users expect more.

Testmo test management software is your team's central hub of all QA and testing efforts. Test management is more than just test cases: Testmo fully unifies your test cases, exploratory testing sessions & test automation integration in one single modern platform. Easily link your existing tools to stay on top of all quality issues!

Integrates with all popular tools your team uses

Issue tracking · Test automation · CI & build pipeline · Version control
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